Which cities have the best indoor sports venues?

  • August 6, 2021

The sportswriters at sports sites like CBS Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN and Yahoo Sports are looking for the city with the most of its teams and players in the best condition for the 2018-19 season.

In the NFL, Denver is the obvious choice, according to The Hill.

In addition to being home to the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Springs and Denver area has several other NFL teams.

The Hill’s analysis of the top 25 indoor sports facilities ranked by the scorecard of their indoor and outdoor facilities’ quality is as follows:1.

Denver Broncos (13,838)2.

Philadelphia Eagles (13 and 1,868)3.

Atlanta Falcons (12 and 7,908)4.

Detroit Lions (11 and 759)5.

Los Angeles Rams (11 with 658)6.

Carolina Panthers (11)7.

Green Bay Packers (10 with 598)8.

Dallas Cowboys (9 with 568)9.

Kansas City Chiefs (8 and 553)10.

Indianapolis Colts (8 with 553).10.

New York Giants (8)11.

Chicago Bears (7)12.

Tennessee Titans (7 with 547)13.

Miami Dolphins (6)14.

Pittsburgh Steelers (6 with 541)15.

Oakland Raiders (6 and 541).16.

Washington Redskins (6,099)17.

Chicago Cardinals (5 and 532)18.

Dallas Texans (4 and 526)19.

New Orleans Saints (4 with 509)20.

Green Beach Saints (3 and 518)21.

Philadelphia Flyers (3)22.

Cleveland Browns (3,853)23.

Minnesota Vikings (3 with 448)24.

San Francisco 49ers (3), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3.5), Tennessee Titans(2)25.

Indianapolis (2.5)


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