How to decorate your home in 2019

  • August 29, 2021

How do you decorate a house for 2019?

If you’re like me, you’re thinking, ‘Let’s do this DIY!’ and start off with a blank slate.

But I’d suggest you start with a few simple ideas first.

Here are my favorite DIY tips to get started: First, I want to give a big thank you to my friend, writer, decorator, and all around awesome person, Beth.

I’m a big fan of her writing and advice.

I know you’ll love this post.

So, for this DIY, we’ll start with some basic instructions.

First, make a template: Cut out a template and cut out a rectangle of paper that you can wrap around your door and your garage door.

Use a circular saw to cut out the rectangle.

It’s easier than you think.

Next, use the template to cut the shape of the door: Place the template in the door with the door facing away from you and your back to the template.

(I prefer to mark this spot, but you can leave that up to your creativity.)

Then, make sure to mark the bottom of the template and mark where you want the bottom to be.

Mark a line on the bottom.

(Remember, the template doesn’t need to be square.)

This line is where you will add your decorative items.

(You may need to trim off any excess material.

Or just add some decorations on top of the existing items.)

(I like to add some extra trim on the sides to keep things neat.)

Next, mark the door and the door frame: Mark the bottom half of the doorway with a circle.

Use an X to mark where your decorative item will be placed.

Then mark the top half of your doorway with an X. Use the circle to mark an empty spot on the wall next to your door.

Mark the other half of this doorway with another circle.

(This is a good time to add an extra decoration.

This is also a good place to mark your desired location for the decorative item.)

Mark the sides of your door with circles and lines.

Use another circle and lines to mark each side of your doors with a dotted line.

(For a more complicated layout, mark an additional line on each side.)

Lastly, mark each of your corners with a cross and a dot.

(See the video tutorial for more on this.)

Place your door frame in your home.

(It doesn’t have to be fancy or fancy-looking, but it needs to be sturdy.)

Make sure to place it properly, too.

Mark your corners and sides, and mark the cross and dot lines with your template.

You can also mark the edges of your frame with a line, and trim excess material off the sides and corners of the frame.

(Don’t forget to mark both the bottom and top edges with a dot, too.)

Place the doorframe in your front door and mark out where your door will be.

(The door should be right next to the door.)

Place a piece of tape or fabric to cover your door opening.

(If you’ve got a door that’s on a shelf, this will also help.)

(You can use the same template as above, but I like to mark with my template a little more.)

(For the door on my front door, I also marked a spot for the door.

This will be the front door.)

Make the front entrance: Using a ruler, mark where the door will go on the door opening: (This will be where the bottom part of the rectangle will be.)

Mark it with a vertical line.

Add a horizontal line for the top portion of the room, and a vertical for the bottom portion of this rectangle.

Mark with a horizontal and vertical line for your door entrance.

(And don’t forget the vertical line!

This is where the decorative items will go.)

(Optional: I have some DIY tricks up my sleeve, too, like marking the door itself, and adding some decorative trim on top.

Check out these two DIY tips on how to decorating your house in 2019.)

Next up, add some decorative items: Mark an area in the center of your rectangle.

(Make sure to cut a straight line across from where the entry point of your rectangular door will sit.)

(Make note of where you cut your rectangle in the wall, too!)

(This can be a good location for your decoration, too; just make sure you cut the opening to the right size.)

(To finish, mark your entrance with a diagonal line.)

(And this is where we add the decorative stuff.)

Mark a spot on each of the sides for the doors: Mark a space with your circle and line.

Cut your door in half.

(Be sure to trim any excess paper or fabric you might have on the outside of your home.)

(Cut the sides off your door, too!

You can trim the edges and trim the trim around the sides if you’d like.)

(Don`t forget to cut an additional

How to decorate your house with a new, colorful color—and get rid of the stains!

  • July 30, 2021

Today we’re going to talk about decorating your house.

The decorating process is all about using color, so today we’re talking about a classic color—blue.

The basic idea behind this color is that it has a deep blue hue and has the ability to stand up to the sun and the elements.

This is especially true if you are using an electric paint.

Blue has an amazing ability to be durable and be strong, which is why we are all excited about the upcoming revival of the Blue-Eyed Peacock.

In fact, if you’re looking for a new color to add to your house, this is the one to use!

Blue is one of the easiest colors to get right, so make sure you pick one that is unique and unique in the world.

If you want to make the most of your space, consider a blue-themed bathroom.

If not, then go for a more rustic look.

These bathrooms tend to be a little more subdued in their colors.

A couple of ideas to keep in mind when choosing a blue bathroom: The blue color needs to stand out from the other colors in your home.

Make sure you don’t use the same color as a wall or door in your bathroom.

For example, you may use a different color for a doorway that faces a bathroom than a door facing a kitchen.

The same goes for a window.

A door that faces the bathroom is often a bit more dramatic than a window facing a room.

This can be especially true when you are decorating a bathroom, as the color can be quite striking and will contrast against your bathroom floor.

Try to avoid having a wall that has only a few color variations.

This will make it difficult for your eyes to find what you need and the colors will be difficult to mix.

To achieve this, the color should be balanced with a few of the other elements in your space.

To see more on how to color your bathroom, check out the following videos: How to Color Your Bathroom: The Basic Color Guide.


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