‘Vintage Christmas’ decorating the hallways of a house

  • September 9, 2021

In November of 2016, a new Christmas tree had to be planted on a Victorian home.

The homeowner told ABC News that the tree was “decorated” and “a bit of a treat” for his daughter who has Down syndrome.

“It’s a little bit of decoration and it’s a bit of fun, but it’s really cute,” he said.

“It’s all very nice, it’s all the things you’d want for Christmas.”

When it comes to the decorations, this is the most popular Christmas decoration.

The decor is a “totally custom” one that was commissioned from a company called Kiehl’s, and is meant to “look good” on the outside.

“There’s also some Christmas cards and stickers on the inside,” he told ABC.

“There are a few pieces on the wall, but they’re just decoration, and they’re not a real part of the decor,” he explained.

“They’re kind of a way to tell people to come and visit the house and take pictures and have fun.”

“I love it, it looks pretty, but I can’t actually get into the room and see what’s going on,” said the homeowner, who asked not to be named.

“I can only go in there and look around, but what’s happening inside is pretty weird.”

Kiehl said that the decorations were “inspired by traditional Christmas cards from around the world.”

“In the spirit of Christmas, we’ve created an eclectic collection of festive, festive, decorative and fun wall decorations for you to decorate,” a Kiehls spokesperson told ABC in a statement.

“We have over 1,000 products and over 100,000 designs to choose from.

You can decorate the walls of your home from our new wall art to our original wall paper to our gift boxes.””

We know what it takes to make your home an amazing place to live and we know how to put the right decorations to the right place to get you all in the mood,” the spokesperson added.

Kiehlds said that they were using the same “decorative tree” and the same materials to create the decorations.

“The whole tree was designed to look like a real tree with a real crown,” the Kielhls representative said.

The rep added that the company would “do our best to create custom Christmas cards” for the homes.

“We will continue to make the most out of the products we offer to our customers,” the rep added.

“To celebrate the holidays, we have an amazing lineup of original wall and door decor, a great selection of paper products and a selection of other decorating materials.”


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