When the world was growing up: The history of home decor from 1875 to 1980

  • August 25, 2021

By Mark SteynThis is the story of how American home decor began.

The origins of the home decor movement are often intertwined with the rise of industrialization in the United States, which ushered in the rise and dominance of the furniture industry.

In the late 1800s, the U.S. became the world’s first industrial nation, exporting a lot of products to countries such as Britain, France, and Germany, which created demand for furniture and other household items.

In 1875, the first furniture factory opened in Chicago.

It was not long before the United Sates was exporting the most furniture and household items of any country in the world, and many of those imported products were manufactured in Chicago, as were the furniture made by Chicago manufacturers.

By 1875 there were more than 250 American furniture makers.

In Chicago, many of the largest of these companies were founded.

One of the first American furniture manufacturers to be successful was James and Elizabeth White.

James White was a successful entrepreneur who built a large furniture manufacturing business in Chicago in the 1850s.

He had built his success by making high-quality furniture in Chicago for years, and was now able to capitalize on the booming furniture market.

He decided to take advantage of the rise in demand for American manufactured goods, opening a Chicago factory in 1879, and hiring a large staff of people to manufacture furniture for the Chicago furniture industry and its clients.

The success of the White family business helped shape the fashion of American furniture in the 1860s, with designs that were influenced by the trends of the day.

In fact, one of the earliest examples of American design that emerged was a house that James White designed for his son James.

The White family was a major player in the development of the American home.

They created a large, luxurious residence for the White brothers and a home for their son, George White, for his wife, Anna.

George White, a famous American illustrator, was the first to create the home for his family.

The White house was made of the most luxurious materials, including a mahogany-wood and marble staircase and ceiling, marble floors, and carved-wood floors, as well as a private dining room.

The house was designed to resemble a European-style castle, with marble floors and carved wood floors.

The design for the kitchen is inspired by the French and Spanish styles of kitchens and was inspired by French and Italian cuisine.

The kitchen was also decorated with a wide range of furniture including armchairs, a rocking chair, and a range of tables.

In 1875 James White opened the White House as a commercial business, which would become a major influence on American design in the 20th century.

The family continued to develop furniture for their clientele.

The most successful American furniture company in the 1840s was the Chicago White Company.

The company was founded by James White, who was a noted inventor, businessman, and manufacturer.

James owned the White & White Manufacturing Company and sold the company to his sons, James and Mary White in 1881.

The Chicago White Manufacturing company produced furniture for over 100 years, employing over 300 people, including over 100 people who were born and raised in Chicago during the 1840’s.

In the 1840-1850s, a great deal of the design and manufacturing of American home furnishings was done by James and his sons.

It was the beginning of the industrial revolution that would lead to the development and growth of the modern home, as evidenced by the invention of the washing machine in 1859, and the development in the use of wood to build furniture.

In 1850, James White had the White house built out, and he began his second venture, the White and Mary house, which he had built with his wife.

Mary White designed the house for her family, and James White built the White Hall.

In this house, James had a large living room with a fireplace and large dining room, and built a dining room out of two large mahogony and marble steps and a large marble fireplace.

In this house the dining room was built out of the same materials as the dining rooms in the White Houses.

The dining room had a fireplace, and it was the largest in the house, and could be used for both dining and sitting.

In addition to the fireplace, the dining table had an extended armchair and a small armchair, and Mary built a small dining table out of mahoganey and a marble dining table.

The kitchen, which was built with mahoganda and marble, was made for James White and his wife and had a dining table and armchair built out from the same material as the kitchen.

The armchair was made with a wood carving board.

The armchair in the dining area was made from mahogana and marble.

The dining table in the living area was a wood carved from mahagon and marble pieces.

In 1840, James &amp: White opened another Chicago office.

In that building, the home of James White


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