How to decorate a sugar cookie

  • June 17, 2021

When you’re out for a late-night snack, why not put a treat in the middle?

It can be a good idea to get your hands on a sugar cone, as it’s good for the soul, according to one expert.

Here’s how to decorating your favorite sugar cookie: 1.

The spoon. 

Place a sugar spoon on a cookie and carefully swirl it around to create a swirl. 


The icing. 

Put a couple of drops of icing on top of the spoon and swirl it a bit, to create an icing effect. 


The filling. 

Fill a sugar bowl with a little of your favorite filling and swirl around a bit. 


The buttercream. 

Mix a little buttercream into the filling and let it sit for a while. 


The frosting. 

Add a little bit of icing to the sugar bowl and sprinkle some of the frosting on top. 


The cookies. 

You can use any kind of cookies, so long as they’re edible and not gross. 


The chocolate icing.

You can make your own chocolate icing, but I’d suggest the vanilla one, as vanilla is one of the prettiest types of chocolate. 


The toothpaste. 

Using toothpaste is an easy way to decoratively decorate your sugar cookie. 


The decor. 

Here’s how you can add the decor to your sugar cookies: 10. The cake. 

Take a few slices of cake and stick them on top and then take a spoon and slowly swirl it. 11.

The candy. 

Pour a little chocolate syrup on top, and let that sit for about 30 seconds. 


The cookie icing.

 Fill a bowl with some of your sugar icing and swirl a bit to create the icing effect, and then sprinkle some chocolate syrup over the top.13.

The treats. 

Grab a few treats and put them on your sugar cake.

You can also add some chocolate to the mix. 


The cupcakes. 

Use cupcakes to decorately decorate. 


The coffee mug. 

These cups are pretty, so they’ll make a great cupcake decorator. 


The ice cream scoop. 

When you’re at the cafe, you may have seen a bunch of ice cream cones with a big frosting, but the scoop isn’t really necessary. 


The mug.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mug decorated with a cake on the internet, but this is a great idea if you have a cupcake in the kitchen and you want to make sure it’s done before going to bed. 


The sugar cookie dough. 

It’s very easy to decorates your sugar dough by using a plastic bag, or simply using some buttercream to mix with sugar. 


The sprinkles. 

If you want, you can make these sprinkles yourself. 


The cream cheese frosting! 

Make your own cream cheese icing, and sprinkle on a little sprinkles on top to add a little extra flavor. 


The decorations. 

Decorate your sugar treats using the decor on the bottom of your cookie dough, and decorate with chocolate icing and sprinkles! 


The tea cup. 

This is a simple tea cup to decorat, and it’s also pretty easy to do yourself.

You just need a few spoonfuls of sugar, a cup, and a spoon.

I love that you can decorate the cupcake cupcake too, if you want. 


The cakes. 

Make these cute, fun cakes by decorating the bottom and sides with the decor, and you can do them with any kind cake.


The mint leaves. 

The mint leaves are a great way to add extra color to your desserts.


The chocolates. 

Chocolate chocolaty cake is a classic, and the mint leaves add a touch of sweetness to your chocolate cake.


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