How to create a Christmas tree decoration from scratch

  • June 30, 2021

I have been doing my Christmas tree decorating for over 30 years, and it is always one of my favourite ways to decorate a home, even if you have to buy it yourself.

I find it really easy and fun to make and I enjoy doing it.

There are many options for Christmas trees and decorations around the country and many Christmas tree companies are also making customised Christmas tree decorations to suit your requirements.

The most popular Christmas tree is the oak, but there are many other varieties that are suitable for different decorating projects.

If you are looking for a good Christmas tree to decorating, I would recommend you to check out this post on How to Make a Christmas Tree from Scratch.

The reason why you might need to decor the tree yourself is because you will be using different tools for the job.

There is always a bit of trial and error involved in making the decorations for Christmas, and this can lead to some problems when you get the job done.

It is always worth it to buy a professional and have a plan of action for your decorations.

For the DIY Christmas tree project, you will need to cut down the trees to size, but you will also need to make the tree into a wooden frame.

The best way to do this is by using a saw.

You will need a pair of circular saws (a circular saw is a flat saw with two circular blades) to cut through the branches to make your tree.

Make sure that the saw is not too large, as it will take up space when you are cutting the tree.

When you have your tree cut down, make sure you have enough room for your tree to hang from the sides of the door.

There may be some extra space in the tree if you want to use an extension cord.

If there are extra branches around the edges of the tree, use the extension cord to help secure the branches in place.

It will help to have a wooden stake to secure the tree to the door, as well as a wooden support pole, and a wooden fence.

I used a pair that I found at a local hardware store to help make my tree.

You can also use your own tree to make a nice Christmas tree, but I recommend getting a local tree for the Christmas tree.

For Christmas tree ideas and Christmas decorating tips, I recommend you check out the blog.

What do you think about Christmas tree trees?

Do you use one?

Do any of the Christmas decoration tips apply to you?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Which Halloween decor rentals are right for you?

  • June 20, 2021

Halloween decor is an incredibly versatile and versatile gift that can be a great gift to anyone.

There are a wide variety of decor rental options available that will suit any budget and taste.

Some of the best options to purchase include: Halloween decorations from local businesses and online sellers, which are available for rental online or in person.

Some popular items to consider include: halloween decoration kits from local, national and international businesses and brands, including: brick-and-mortar craft stores, including humblebee crafts, Halloween decoration toys, candy flip flops, crafts, and art supplies, including decor, house decorations, decor, gifts, and disco paraphernalia, as well as haunted houses. 

You can also purchase holiday halls, which feature traditional homes and houses decorated with traditional holiday tables, furniture, chairs, and decor, as well as home decorations, furniture and lamps, clothing, and décor.

If you are looking for a holiday decoration kit, you can also rent Halloween decorations online. 

If you need a large enough hobby gift to keep for a week or longer, you could consider a craft store that specializes in decorating for Halloween parties, such as Huffington Post and Home Depot, or home decor stores that specialize in crafting, machinery, woodworking, sculpture, paper, painting, art, graffiti, fabric, snowboarding, lawn and garden, trees,  and paintings. 

There are a number of different holiday decor items that are available at your local home and housetop dining store.

Here are some of the more popular options for hospitals, hotels, recreational and family restaurants, and other holiday themed restrooms, bars, restaurants, and theaters: Halloween decor kits and craft toy purchases for customers that want to make customized decorate tickets, decoration kits and crafts, and more, can be purchased online or at Holliday Mall, Disney Malls, Alamo Drafthouse, Starbucks, VIP malls, and many other local restores. Hollywood movie theaters, theaters and movie showings, including Star Wars movies, Space moves, Citizen Wars, Fantastic Foursquare miles, Empire Movies, and several other manga titles, are available for rental online or through, a website that is owned and operated by Disney and Disney Cruise Line.

You can rent hundreds of decorative items for your home, including decorations, tables, chairs, spaces, pillows, furniture and more, as well as craft tokens and craft supplies. 

Holiday decorations, beads, and decorations are also available at home deco and home decor restories from local businesses and art groups, such as Bartenders and Jewelry makers, where you can purchase custom and custom decore items. 

 Decorating your home can be fun and beautiful, but there are other ways to decorate your home and make it feel special and specialty, such: gather the perfect trendy holiday decoration for your home or build a custom decor for your own home. 

Decorate your house with café decor, table restoring decortes, home improvement decors, sign restorations, custom wall decorations, and much more. 

Find decent honeymoon hardscoting with cotton and silk, holly pines decoring, and even horticultural decreasing decolors.

You could even buy holiday decorations for a family holiday, such a family trip, family picnic, or a friend’s birthday tour. 

The best holiday decor rental website to check out is

You can browse a wide selection of hollidays, holiday events, special holiday rentals, party

How to decorate your patio with outdoor party decorations

  • June 20, 2021

It’s been years since I’ve had a party, and it has been a bit of a blur.

But, I am finally getting around to adding some party decorations to my patio, so I decided to share with you some ideas on how to add a little fun to the evening.

Here are some of my favorite ideas to make your patio fun and exciting.


Tiki Torch party decorations If you are having a tropical tiki party, you’ll want to make sure that the party atmosphere is a little bit more relaxed than usual, and that you’re making sure you have some party supplies.

The best way to do this is to buy some tiki torches.

I love them.

I like to get them in the afternoon, and I’ll get them for as little as $15, or more for a larger quantity.

T-shirts, bracelets, scarves, necklaces, and earrings are also all great choices.

These are the same tiki torch party decorations I used in my previous post, but the candles are different, and the party favors are a little bigger.

The candle holders come in a variety of colors, and each comes with a small candle.

You can also use a candle holder as a tiki candle holder, or just light candles for your party decorations.


Party Decorations for a Garden Party I’ve never made a party in my backyard, but I’ve always loved making my own party decorations for my garden.

I’ve even used garden tools and plants to decorates my patio.

I made this DIY party decoration set for my own garden party, with a lot of different colors and materials to choose from.

This DIY party decor set includes some different party favors, like garden chairs and umbrellas.


Party decorations for a garden party This is a great party decoration for a backyard backyard party, or even for a big backyard party.

This party decor is great for adding a little color to the outdoor party, but also for making the backyard party look a little more fun.

The party favors include a party umbrella, party table, and party table chairs.

The plants include a flower garden, a garden pot, a small garden garden, and more.


Party favors for a family picnic I made a fun party favor for my daughter’s birthday party that includes a picnic table, picnic blanket, and picnic basket.

The picnic basket is a really fun and easy project, because you can use any kind of picnic basket, and even the same picnic basket that you use for your outdoor party.

You’ll want something to hang your picnic basket on, or you can hang the basket on a wall or other hanging object, or put the basket in a box.

You can also make your own picnic basket by making a few small pieces, or make a smaller picnic basket and make it a little larger.


Party Favor for a BBQ This party favor is great to make for a barbecue, but you can also create your own party favors with a BBQ pit or grill.

This BBQ pit and grill party favors includes some picnic baskets, picnic tables, and a picnic basket holder.

The garden favors include garden chairs, garden pottery, garden accessories, and garden accessories.


Party Favors for a Big Outdoor BBQ Make this party favor that includes the BBQ pit, grill, and some picnic tables for a small backyard BBQ.

This picnic favors are great for making a little party look like you have a big party in your backyard.

The parties favors are fun and can be personalized with your own names, or a little decoration.


Party Party Favours for a Dinner Party This was a really easy party favor to make that will give a big outdoor BBQ a little extra personality.

This is the party favor you can make with just about any BBQ you want.

You might also want to add some party favors to this picnic favor, but be sure to use something that’s durable, like a picnic bag, picnic table cloth, or picnic cloth.


Party Gift for a Family BBQ You’ve probably already made some party gifts for your family barbecue or barbecue party.

Here are some ideas to keep things fresh for a birthday, summer, or other party.

Make this party gift with some picnic bags or picnic tables.

This will be an easy way to make the party gifts a little different, as the picnic baskets are not as heavy as they would be for a party.


Party Gifts for a Wedding Party You don’t need to make these party gifts to make a great gift for a wedding.

Just make some picnic bowls, picnic baskets and picnic table accessories for your friends and family.

You could also decorate some picnic table items with a few different party decorations, like party favors or party favors for the grill.


Party Fun Party Favor for a Birthday Party Create this party fun party favors and party

Happy Holidays in the Netherlands: How you can celebrate the Holidays with your family

  • June 20, 2021

New Year’s Eve is traditionally a day of celebration, with parties, parties, and a lot of dancing and singing.

But for many in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, the most popular holiday of the year is actually called hanuka, or “Happy Holidays”.

The word haanukki literally means “to have fun”, but the Dutch also refer to it as “Happy Christmas”, a name that has been adopted from the Germanic culture.

Happy Holiday has become a popular holiday in the country, with many in Amsterdam celebrating it with a special party.

Here are some of the best things to do in the city on New Year.

There are so many places in Amsterdam where you can get a hangover.

Get a holiday hangover in one of these places, and the rest of the world can feel like home.

The Haut Danshine in Amsterdam, a popular hangout spot on the weekends.

Happy Happy Holiday parties have become so popular that many parties are held at the Haut-Danshines in the centre of the city.

They’re the most romantic places to celebrate a party, but the best part is the champagne is poured in the lobby, where people can hang out with their friends, dance and sing, and eat delicious food.

Some parties are so intimate, that even a few drinks can put the entire party to shame.

For example, at Hautdanskijkerkonders, guests can sit in the dark for hours on end.

The atmosphere of the party is very different to most parties, but if you have the patience to wait in line for an hour or two, you can be pleasantly surprised.

The most popular party in the Hautsdenschappel is called the ‘Hautdenskijk’ or “Hangover party”, where guests are allowed to take a nap in the middle of the dance floor and drink champagne.

The party has been held at Hauts Dans, a very popular hang-out spot.

It’s popular with couples and singles.

Happy HautDans party is a popular party venue in Amsterdam.

The people are very happy to get out of the house.

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year!

It’s a festive time to celebrate the end of the New Year and the beginning of the new year.

There is so much going on in the world these days, and Happy New Years are always a great way to enjoy some of that.

Celebrate the New Years with the best party you can, whether it’s a party at the beach, in the park, or in the heart of the Netherlands.

Which is better: a house or a beach house?

  • June 19, 2021

Decorative bowl and shower curtains decorate a beach-front home in Jerusalem, Israel.

The beach house is decorated with a picture of a baby’s face and a picture frame with a smiling baby.

It also features a decorative bowl with a sea-view window.

The bathtub and a shower curtain are covered with sea-green sand.

It was decorated with an image of the baby in a swimming pool and a white curtain.

Decorative wall mirror decoration is decorated by a picture, an image, and a wall in a bathroom.

In the bathroom, a shower and toilet bowl are decorated with images of the moon and stars.

In a bathroom mirror, an aquarium is decorated.

A door frame and a bathtub are decorated by an image.

A mirror that looks like a bottle of perfume and a mirror that smells like an oil lamp are decorated in the shower.

Decorations decorate the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

A wall mirror that is covered with sand, a bath, and shower curtain is decorated in a kitchen.

A picture of an egg is painted in a bedroom window.

A bed with a pillow, a bed frame, and an umbrella is decorated for a guest.

The bedroom with a curtain, a mirror, and glass window is decorated to match the bed.

Decoration decorates a bedroom in the village of Beit Lahiya, Israel, March 20, 2020.

Which is the best Christmas kitchen decor?

  • June 19, 2021

What is the ideal Christmas decor for a family?

What’s the best way to decorate a Christmas tree?

We’ve got the answers.

Christmas decor is one of those subjects that you can’t really put your finger on but it’s very subjective.

It’s also one of the subjects that people think of when they’re looking for a new Christmas tree or decorating a room.

A lot of people are looking for something a little bit unique.

So, let’s look at some of the best choices, shall we?

If you’re looking to decorating your home, you can go with a simple red and white, white and blue, or white and green.

You can also go for a more whimsical Christmas look.

What to wear when decorating?

A Christmas tree can be a great choice for the Christmas decorating scene.

It’s very easy to put together.

There are a lot of different kinds of Christmas trees that you could go with.

The traditional Christmas tree is often used to decorates a house, but the modern Christmas tree has become more popular.

Christmas tree ornaments are also very popular.

They can be very colorful and will add a festive touch to your home.

You can also decorate with different types of plants and decorations.

Some people go with Christmas trees, while others go with shrubs, trees and lights.

Many people love decorating their homes with Christmas lights.

You could decorate your house with a Christmas light display or a Christmas lights display.

To decorate the house with decorations, you need a special kind of tree.

Christmas trees are often called Christmas trees.

They’re usually decorated with decorations like garlands, bows, snowflakes, and snowman.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you could also decorating with the traditional Christmas decorations.

Christmas lights can also be used as decoration.

Once you’ve got your tree up and ready to go, you’ll need to figure out what to decorat it with.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorateings are the most important part of the decorating process.

What to choose: What to choose for Christmas decorators?

Christmas decorations can be pretty hard to come by.

There are so many different choices out there.

First of all, you want to make sure that you’ve chosen a Christmas decoration that you love.

It could be something that you decorate in your own home or at a friend’s house.

Next, you might want to look for a tree that’s relatively easy to find.

This can be an attractive tree that will be a little different than the other Christmas trees you’ve seen before.

Finally, you should look for something that’s different than what you’re used to.

It might be something different from what you’ve done before.

It doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy an entire tree, but if you’re going to make a huge change to your decor, you’d better make sure you’ve looked at what’s out there first.

When you’ve narrowed down your options, you may have found something that works well.

You might even be able to find something that looks really good.

That said, you will also have to think about how you want the tree to look.

You need to decide how it’s going to look in your home and you need to think of the size and the type of decorations you want.

This article originally appeared in the December 2017 issue of The Life & Style magazine.

How to dress for Valentine’s Day (and to remember)

  • June 19, 2021

I always thought that being dressed to look pretty for Valentine is one of those things you do with the intention of getting married.

You put on a dress, take out your wallet and ring.

Or you get a bunch of friends together, share a meal, and all of a sudden, the conversation turns to being able to get married.

But if you’ve ever spent time in the Valentine’s community, you’ve likely noticed how some of the men are wearing outfits that don’t match the decor.

Some have a tuxedo, some don’t.

And many wear a jacket with the sleeves rolled up.

But there are some dress codes that make sense for those in the community.

For example, if you’re in a relationship, you’re not going to be able to wear your wedding dress to work.

Instead, you’ll be expected to wear a short dress with a tie, or an elegant dress with high-waisted pants and heels.

These dress codes have been in place for years, and they’re still a bit of a grey area for many women.

When we spoke with Jessica Hildreth, a senior editor at Bustle, about her experiences in the world of social media, she shared that a lot of women are afraid to wear something that might look bad to their husband or boyfriend.

“There’s so much anxiety that you’re putting on that a man is going to see,” she said.

“I’ve heard people say, ‘I don’t want to wear this because it’s too casual.’

It’s so hard to do.

I don’t think I can do it because it looks too casual.

I feel like it’s an easy target for men, but for women, we have to look at it differently.”

Here are the dress codes for the world’s most popular dating sites.


Casual dress: “It’s about getting to know each other better” If you’re dating someone who you’re going to date, don’t wear a dress that says, ‘My dress’s not too casual, but it looks cute when I’m wearing it.’

You can have casual looks.

It just doesn’t have to be a dress you have to put on at a certain moment.

You can wear a simple tee, a long dress, a pair of pants that come up to your knees, or even a t-shirt.

But don’t look like you’re wearing something casual.

When you’re walking down the street, walk in a casual, low-cut style.

And when you’re meeting someone, don, like, put a shirt on and a tie on.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but if you feel awkward in the moment, don.


T-shirts: “Don’t wear the t-shirts of the people you’re trying to impress” There are certain rules that apply to t-shirts, and you can break them.

The most obvious rule is to not wear a t for someone who doesn’t like you.

Don’t wear an uninspired t- Shirt with a high neckline, or a t that’s too short.

Don’s t- shirt with an exaggerated collar and sleeve lengths is a great example of an unimpressive shirt.

It’s also a rule of thumb that if you have a certain size, you shouldn’t wear it too low.

Don also shouldn’t buy a t shirt that has a large “M” on the front, as that’s what makes it look too low and unprofessional.

But the other rule of t- shirts is to wear the ones that aren’t overly long.

This is a rule that applies to men, too.

The length of the shirts are always going to have an effect on how they’re perceived by women.

If the shirts come with long sleeves, then the women who wear t- Shirts that are too long will see that they’re not being fashionable, which can be seen as unattractive.

Women should be able wear shirts that are short, medium, or long.

But t- shorts aren’t the same thing as t- tops.

Women also don’t necessarily have to wear t shirts that show off their bodies, as long as they’re appropriate for their body type.

But, if the shirts don’t fit your body type, you should be wearing something else.

You should be going for a dress with pockets.

There are a lot more rules about what people wear and what not.

So you don’t have a ton of options.


Sneakers: “Do not wear sneakers that look like they’re going out of style” There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right shoe for someone, so it’s important to look for the right pair of shoes.

If you have the right style, you won’t look as sexy.

But you may feel a little out of place if you look like the person wearing them.

There have been studies that show that men are more likely to wear sneakers than women, so if you wear sneakers for a few days, you

Why we love Boho chic fashion

  • June 18, 2021

Boho fashion is a fashion trend in which women and men dress and wear their best outfits in the style of their favorite movie stars, actors and writers.

In the past decade, the style has taken on a life of its own and the fashion world is a thriving place for it to be seen.

It started with the style trend of “The Bodyguard” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, but now the trend is now being embraced by fashion designers across the globe.

While some of the most well-known fashion brands in the world have embraced the trend, there are many more outfits that are being created with the same purpose in mind.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the top 10 outfits for Boho couture, as well as the other great outfits for the holiday season.


Boho Casual Casual Casual looks for BHC-inspired peopleThe style of casual chic that is associated with BHC is a classic look, and one that is still popular today.

Boho chic is not about going for the casual, and if you have a collection of suits that suit you, the BHC looks can also be a great option for that.

Here are the 10 best Boho casual casual wear for BHCC-inspired men.1.

A.P.C. Suit Jacket A. P.C.’s jacket is an iconic silhouette of its time, and it is very stylish for this season.

It features a simple but elegant shape that has an understated, yet classy, feel to it.

The jacket has a wide waist and a slim-cut cut with the collar and sleeves tucked in, and a collar with a raised hem.

It has a tailored fit with a fitted front and a button down collar.2.

Calvin Klein Suit Jacket Calvin Klein has always been a great example of a style-forward brand, with their classic silhouettes and timeless designs.

Their suits are tailored, with an even fit, and the fit is perfect for a wide range of body types.

It’s made from a soft fabric, and is available in a variety of colors, from brown to black.3.

Alexander McQueen Suit Jacket Alexander McQueens classic suits have a classic style, with a wide neckline and a rounded waist.

They also feature a relaxed fit and a fitted collar, and can be worn with jeans or trousers.4.

Calvin Harris Suit Jacket If you’re looking for a classic, timeless look, check out this classic Calvin Harris suit.

It is a great choice for a relaxed, versatile look, with the right fit and silhouette.5.

Alexander Wang Suit Jacket Another classic suit, this time made from soft, luxurious fabric, it also has a fitted look with a cinched neck and a well-rounded fit.6.

Calvin Brooks Suit Jacket While you won’t find a suit like this in the stores anymore, it is still available on Calvin Brooks, with its classic silhouette.

This suit has a soft feel and is made from lightweight, medium-weight cotton, with pockets, and an open-necked waist.7.

Calvin Keith Suit Jacket The classic Calvin Keith suit is still a favorite of fashion fans, with it’s classic silhouette and timeless appeal.

It includes a soft, lightweight fabric with a tailored, tailored collar, an open neck, and open waist.8.

Calvin Spandex Suit Jacket This classic Calvin Spanda suit is also very popular, and has a comfortable fit.

It also has pockets and an opened neck.9.

Calvin Browne Suit Jacket When it comes to a suit that fits perfectly, Calvin Browne is one of the best.

It offers a very comfortable fit, a tailored collar with adjustable closure, and with a slim fit, it’s perfect for the average man.10.

Calvin Gucci Suit Jacket There are so many classic, classic silhouets that you can wear with Calvin Guccis classic suit.

With the classic silhouette, it has a classic feel to the suit, and you can get a relaxed and casual look with it.

How to decorate a sugar cookie

  • June 18, 2021

When you’re out for a late-night snack, why not put a treat in the middle?

It can be a good idea to get your hands on a sugar cone, as it’s good for the soul, according to one expert.

Here’s how to decorating your favorite sugar cookie: 1.

The spoon. 

Place a sugar spoon on a cookie and carefully swirl it around to create a swirl. 


The icing. 

Put a couple of drops of icing on top of the spoon and swirl it a bit, to create an icing effect. 


The filling. 

Fill a sugar bowl with a little of your favorite filling and swirl around a bit. 


The buttercream. 

Mix a little buttercream into the filling and let it sit for a while. 


The frosting. 

Add a little bit of icing to the sugar bowl and sprinkle some of the frosting on top. 


The cookies. 

You can use any kind of cookies, so long as they’re edible and not gross. 


The chocolate icing.

You can make your own chocolate icing, but I’d suggest the vanilla one, as vanilla is one of the prettiest types of chocolate. 


The toothpaste. 

Using toothpaste is an easy way to decoratively decorate your sugar cookie. 


The decor. 

Here’s how you can add the decor to your sugar cookies: 10. The cake. 

Take a few slices of cake and stick them on top and then take a spoon and slowly swirl it. 11.

The candy. 

Pour a little chocolate syrup on top, and let that sit for about 30 seconds. 


The cookie icing.

 Fill a bowl with some of your sugar icing and swirl a bit to create the icing effect, and then sprinkle some chocolate syrup over the top.13.

The treats. 

Grab a few treats and put them on your sugar cake.

You can also add some chocolate to the mix. 


The cupcakes. 

Use cupcakes to decorately decorate. 


The coffee mug. 

These cups are pretty, so they’ll make a great cupcake decorator. 


The ice cream scoop. 

When you’re at the cafe, you may have seen a bunch of ice cream cones with a big frosting, but the scoop isn’t really necessary. 


The mug.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mug decorated with a cake on the internet, but this is a great idea if you have a cupcake in the kitchen and you want to make sure it’s done before going to bed. 


The sugar cookie dough. 

It’s very easy to decorates your sugar dough by using a plastic bag, or simply using some buttercream to mix with sugar. 


The sprinkles. 

If you want, you can make these sprinkles yourself. 


The cream cheese frosting! 

Make your own cream cheese icing, and sprinkle on a little sprinkles on top to add a little extra flavor. 


The decorations. 

Decorate your sugar treats using the decor on the bottom of your cookie dough, and decorate with chocolate icing and sprinkles! 


The tea cup. 

This is a simple tea cup to decorat, and it’s also pretty easy to do yourself.

You just need a few spoonfuls of sugar, a cup, and a spoon.

I love that you can decorate the cupcake cupcake too, if you want. 


The cakes. 

Make these cute, fun cakes by decorating the bottom and sides with the decor, and you can do them with any kind cake.


The mint leaves. 

The mint leaves are a great way to add extra color to your desserts.


The chocolates. 

Chocolate chocolaty cake is a classic, and the mint leaves add a touch of sweetness to your chocolate cake.

How to make the most of your Christmas tree decorations

  • June 18, 2021

Gardeners who want to make their trees stand out in the holiday season are advised to start with a very simple tree decor.

“You can use whatever materials you want,” said Anupam Sanyal, head of the Home and Garden Institute, a Delhi-based NGO.

“It’s all about the colour, shape and style,” he added.

“The decorations can be anything you want, such as coloured lights, ornaments, decorations, or even tree decorations.”

For instance, a traditional white tree, which is common in the northern part of the country, can be made out of a red and blue plastic tree.

Another choice for Christmas tree decoration is a golden-orange, which can be decorated with pink, red or green plastic beads.

“There are many different ways to decorate a tree,” Sanyahal said.

“Sometimes the tree is made from a single colour, and sometimes the tree has been decorated with multiple colours.”

He said there are many Christmas decorations that are easy to make, such a tree for Christmas morning, a black tree with lights, a golden tree decorated with gold and silver beads, and even a tree made of pink, green and white plastic beads, or an orange tree with gold, silver and gold beads.

“These are not only good for Christmas, they are also good for your home,” Sallal said, adding that you should use these types of decorations for the whole Christmas season.

For instance the decorations for Christmas night, the most important part of your holiday, can look beautiful.

“In the morning, the tree needs to be kept clear, so it needs to stay out of the light,” he said.

For the same reason, the decorations can have a very subtle effect on the mood of the guests.

“A lighted tree that has been painted with gold will create an impression of light,” Satchidananda told ET.

A tree that is not decorated can be a challenge to maintain, he added, noting that the trees need to be regularly trimmed.

“If you trim the tree regularly, you’ll make the decoration look more elegant,” he explained.

“Also, the light of the candle will create a wonderful fragrance.

It will attract guests to the house.”

Sanyaprasad said that for every tree decoration you make, you should choose the right material and style.

“I suggest that you pick a material that is suitable for the colour of the tree and size of the space.

And you also choose the correct materials for the length of the branches.

You can make decorations with a large number of branches, so they should be strong enough to withstand the elements,” he advised.

“Make sure that the tree doesn’t look too much like a regular tree, as that is a waste of time,” he suggested.

“Use a piece of wood or something with an even number of twigs and branches, and if possible, use a single branch.

This will make the decorations stand out more,” Sanya said.

And the best part is that the decorations will last for the entire year, he said, suggesting that it will look even better in the coming years.


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